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Light and right

This harness is so light and packs so small I sometimes have to double check that I actually brought it with me when I'm heading out. It is super flat which I like as it sits nicely over my clothes and under my jackets and personally I love the bright colors. The leg loops are very minimalistic and I certainly wouldn't want to dog in this thing for hours or belay the super proj, but for quick burns on the climbs I'm interested in. This was the ticket. This was a replacement for my Hirundos which is officially hitting the old folks home and retiring.

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Hi Arthur,

I see you've climbed with Hirundos before, and now have this harness. My hirundos is ready fo replacement as well, after a long time of great service. So I wondered:
How do the size of the S220LT and the hirundos compare? Could I get the same size?
And I like the fact the the hirundos stays low on my waist as I climb and as I belay. Does the S220LT do this as well, or does it crawl up and then dig into the ribs, like many others do?
Then the last thing, which might be related to the previous, but still... are the sizes of the belay loops comparable between the two?

Well, a lot of questions, but I hope you don't mind answering them. It would be very helpful for me!

Thanks a lot in advance,