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Gear Review

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Less than a year together...

I got a pair of these on SAC for $40 because my roommate wouldn't stop raving about his pair of Chacos. Well, he wasn't a raving lunatic, he was dead on. These are without a doubt the most comfortable footwear on the planet. It took about a week for my feet to get used to the straps, but after that, I don't think I wore anything else unless I had to. Unfortunately I lost one of my sandals today when it got sucked off my foot in knee deep muck in a lagoon. I spent about a half hour searching for it but alas I couldn't find it. So after drying my tears, I ordered another pair as soon as I got home. The only complaint I have is that they can get pretty stinky if you don't clean them every week or so. But they are SO comfy. They have excellent grip, they provide good arch support and they're SO DAMN COMFORTABLE!