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Leaky Mouthpiece

Judging by all the good reviews on here, I may have just gotten a lemon but my experience has been less that satisfactory. I do like the durability and weight of this product and yes, it does not flavor the water in any way. But, the mouthpiece is so leaky I can't use it anymore. I haven't even had it that long really and can say that I've used it under 15x. The mouthpiece leaks all over everything while driving to the trail and then all down my pack straps and shirts while I'm out there. The only way to stop it is to suck the thing dry and take huge gulps. Again, I may have just gotten a bad one but I hate this thing.

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You know, platypus (cascade designs) offers a great warranty on their products (including the hoser). I bet if you called or emailed they would be happy to replace your defective mouthpiece, or the whole bladder, I don't know. I would bet that in about a week you could write a new review claiming how awesome their service was. Bonus- You could be happier, and dry!

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I haven't used a bladder yet,but if the hose is a soft plastic,use a clothespin??