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Laughably bad build quality...

I don't know why it took me so long to stop using my backpacking stove for car camping but I'm glad I finally made the switch to a 2 burner. I was looking at primarily the newer Colemans and the other comparable offerings from Primus, Camp Chef, etc. I don't care too much for max BTU's as my pocket rocket is apparently 10-11k btu's and I pretty much just burn everything. I was looking for good temperature control, good quality, and a built in starter. I checked out the newer redesigned coleman with instastart and didn't really like the overall plastic build and ended up going with this because BC had it for cheaper and it appeared to be built better– for example the coleman uses plastic now to latch it shut, and the Camp Chef Teton is built out of stainless steel.

I really liked the square thin design as the newer coleman's are pretty much the same dimensions (a little thicker) but I just don't like the overall shape. When I first got the stove I was impressed and pretty happy with it right out of the box. But as I took a closer look I just wanted to send it back– nothing lines up, poor construction, poor design, bad rivet jobs, scratches. The worst part is how the wind shields are hinged with two screws on each hinge– when I picked up the stove there was something rolling around inside of the stove and it was one of these screws that I had to fish out and screw it back into place. There are dents (one corner was pushed in)– and it's not like it got damaged in transit... This was a new unit and the stove arrived double boxed with no damage to the boxes. I can understand a dent from UPS, but the fact that Camp Chef decided that this is ok– this type of product is something they can ship to their customers for their money is completely unacceptable. Shame on you Camp Chef. Now don't get me wrong most of these stoves in this category are not known for their build quality but this is terrible.

I'm honestly surprised it didn't blow up in my face. It took me about a day of hunger for a hot meal to force me to use it (I picked it up from the post office on my way out for a trip) and well I'm still alive. The good news is Camp Chef put all the money into the burners, connectors and just skimped on the shell. They don't go as low as I want them to and one burner can't go as low as the other but according to other reviews this has the best temperature control out of all the other stoves. It cleans real well because the grill pops off easily and the top of the stove is pretty much flat so you can just take a sponge or towel and wipe it off easily. The starter works although sometimes it may take 2-3 pushes... and it's an annoying loud click but overall it does work just fine. It cooks fine, works well, but the build quality is the main drawback. I give it 6 months of normal use before the wind screens pop off or something breaks off of it.