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La nina essentials

I bring this buttery pow ski out for the deepest of days. Not an everyday ski for the resort by any means. This big boy is at home ripping deep pow and big lines. The tip and tail rocker gives this ski a very buttery feel. Super easy to turn. The 195 is for rock stars, a ton of fun going fast but a lot of ski to haul around. The 185 should be sufficient for most.

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I am 6 foot tall, 165 lbs. I love to straightline the cirque at the bird and ski really fast. I have a 191 Bluehouse Shoots which are pretty perfect...should I get the 185 or 195 Gigawatts? I noticed that with my AMPerage's that the 185 is pretty long, longer than most 185's, is this the case with these bad boys too?

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These skis are huge.... the 185 is sufficient for most, I love going fast and the 195 is a bit big unless you are pushing into 200 pounds. I am about the same weight and height as you and I would recommend the 185. Hope this helps.

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How do they do in tight spaces like trees or chutes?