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Gear Review

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I do not know how people survive with out these. you can have it in your car and use it up at the resort to have hot soup for 1.50 instead of 10 dollars! everything fits inside the cup so it is easy to pack around. they only down side is the fuel canisters are not refillable, so you gotta pack a few and take them back out. It is amazing how fast this cooks stuff. When i take it on trips it is funny to me how amazed people are at the boiling in 60 seconds or under! Love it!

My lighter/sparker got jammed once and my friend thought it would be a great idea to light it off his lit jetboil...NOT A GOOD IDEA! the neoprene caught on fire on his jet boil turned into a flying flame ball! It was hilarious and the neoprene did not burn much at all and it still cooks and insulates perfect for him.