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Gear Review

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LIke the rating says: Love it!

This product is my first experience with the French press coffee style and it is by no means a stripped-down-for-the-backcountry version. It makes FANTASTIC coffee and has turned me on to the world of the French press. I even use it at home and have turned other people on to the method with it. I ground my own beans before and even with a filter its the only way I do coffee, but with this I found I needed to use a coarser grind. I usually do a 15 second grind for a standard coffee maker, with this I do a 10 second grind (before leaving for the field) and the grounds are coarse enough to not slip around the strainer, granted you push the press slow enough (you're in the backcountry, what's the rush?). Silt sized particles slip through but that's acceptable and adds to the French press experience and mouth-feel. A caveat, the whole system fits in the PCS, but be sure to pack in such way as to keep the lid on the mug or you'll be hunting for the two rods in the bottom of your pack.