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Killer Climbing Pack

I really, really love this pack. It’s practical, lightweight, extremely durable, and completely reliable. It’s a 35 liter pack, so it is on the small side for anything longer than overnighters, but it’s perfect for day hikes and climbing excursions. I used this as my go-to day pack during a 20-day climbing trip in Wyoming, and I never was never short on space. I could easily fit in all my gear, layers, food, and water, with plenty of space on top for extras (med-kit, guide books, extra food, etc.). What I really love about this pack is how simple it is. There are no bells or whistles on the Drakon, and that is exactly what you need when you’re climbing with a pack on. There are gear loops for ice axes, full-strength haul loops for big walling, and pretty much every other feature that a climber looks for in a pack. The pack is sturdy, water-proof, and extremely accessible. The vertical zipper makes it easy to get to the bottom without dumping out your pack, and the top zipper makes it easy to get to essentials (maps, headlamp, etc.) In fact, this pack is so versatile that I was able to successfully use it as a rigid splint for a broken leg in an EMT practice scenario. Bottom line: best day pack for climbers. Period.

Killer Climbing Pack
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Was this picture taken at Foster Falls in Tennessee?