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Kickass heavy duty backpacking boots

I've had about 40 days of backpacking in my Asolos. They've treated me great, break in time was minimal, and they were warm enough in the colorado winter with a pair of wool socks. with some gaiters, you can walk almost knee deep in streams and not get a drop of water on your foot. great grip, and extremely durable. I've kicked plenty of stuff and not hurt my foot at all. They were treating me awesome, but then i was hiking through the pouring rain and we started a huge fire. To dry out my boots (i wasn't wearing gaiters and my socks just acted like sponges into my shoes) i put em by the fire. I forgot about them and the rubber melted in a bit. The boot gave me blisters the next two days, but i think my foot warmed it back up and morphed it back to a comfortable fit. It hasn't given me problems since and just looks like it was dipped in hot acid.