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Gear Review

5 5

Kickass board

This is the best board ever to come out of the Mervin compound.
I ride my local mountain(Hafjell, Norway) from top to bottom without ever leaving an edge. Man made snow and ice is the surface at best, rocks and dirt at worst. Insane!!!!! And this on my third day on the board. Finally a board that does what i want, at all times!! I love my Attack banana, wouldn´t trade it in for anything. And the things pops like nothing else in the park, the ec2 is like having suspension in your tail. Like i said, best boar ever. Just ordered one more, just in case:-)

I´ve been on banana boards since they hit the market. mostly trs 162 and lando 160 but also a 159 skatebanana when that came out. Nothing has revolutionized my riding like this board.