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Gear Review

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Kelty Sunshade: Expand Your Vision

I picked up the Medium Sunshade about 8 years ago on a whim—my husband and I were about to depart on a week-long private river trip on the Green River in Utah. Lots of sun! I serve lunch on these trips, and I wanted enough shade so that we could make our sandwiches before the lunchmeat cooked, the cheese melted, and the mayonnaise turned toxic. I got all that, and more!

We made one significant modification to our sunshade. We constructed 18" leg extensions out of PVC pipe (and a crosswise bolt) to raise the roof enough so that I can set up my two roll-a-tables underneath, and the 16 people in our river group can easily mingle and fix their lunches under the sunshade. Works perfectly!

We could guy it down with the stakes and cords provided, but we rarely do so, unless it’s windy. The sunshade makes a pretty good parasail, too.

On Idaho rivers, where it rains like clockwork every day at lunchtime, the Kelty Sunshade performs equally well. Dry lunches, dry diners.

After countless week-long river trips and at least three Grand Canyon trips of 18 days each, the Kelty sunshade (with our handy leg extensions) keeps on performing at lunch stops and in camp--rain or shine.

It goes up quickly with one person at each pole, and it disassembles equally well.

Last year's August Grand Canyon trip ended with a major monsoon storm, with sheets of rain and spectacular pyrotechnics. All 16 of us snug under the Kelty, enjoying Happy Hour, reliving our adventure and enjoying the incredible light show the Canyon served up for our departing festivities.

Thanks, Kelty!