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Kelty Noah's Tarp 12'

This is the 2nd Noah's tarp I have owned. I typically use the tarp as a summer shelter used in conjuction with a bivvy in place of a tent (though I have seen at least one example of the tarp being used as a winter shelter with a Ti-Goat stove!). The polyester material stands up to UV radiation much better than nylon...and after applying a PU coating to the underside the 1st tarp proved to be an excellent shelter for those not looking to shave every ounce and who want a more durable shelter.The first tarp lasted 6 years...and would likely still be serving my purposes today had I been more careful when pitching it in high winds (used a trekking pole as a center support in a pyramid pitch without some form of insulation between the pole and tarp...resulting in a tear in a particularly nasty wind-storm). Things to consider before purchasing 1) it is not waterproof...but a PU coating can be easily applied 2) the tarp is heavier than nylon tarps...but if you regularly camp in sunny locations (as I do in the summer) the added UV protection will increase the life of the tarp at the expense of a few additional ounces 3) the "cat" cut of the tarp makes for a tight and easy pitch...and the shape does not hinder its use when pitched as a lean-to or pyramid 4) in the pyramid configuration three people less than or equalt to 6' + 200lbs HAVE slept in the shelter through stromy conditions with room to spare for gear.