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Gear Review

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Keep the Moisture & the Sand out

i honestly try to avoid gortex shoes. this is because they don't typically drain very well. what keeps moisture out, REALLY keeps moisture in as well. so they are great until you dunk the foot in a puddle and water runs over the top. i still stick to that. however this shoe has been great on those wet in between days in the pacific northwest where it's wet, but you can avoid submerging the foot completely. i also love them for snowshoe running. perfect for that. they are supportive and the gortex upper gives the shoe a bit more protection while being light and comfy.

in the 2006 primal quest adventure race my teammate wore these shoes. it was 120 degrees in moab and super hot. we all had more "breathable" shoes on, while he went with the gortex to keep the sand out. after just 2 days of non stop racing our feet were torn up from the sand and the friction. his were pristine. so if you are running sandy canyons or beaches these gortex is great for keeping the sand out.