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If you really want a 40 degree bag- keep looking!I bought this bag for the Tahoe Rim Trail, July in the Sierras-no problem!The 15 day hike had the temps at 43-50f degrees. I have always been a warm sleeper-only shorts at night. I had to wear long pants with shorts underneath, long sleeve shirt,socks,fleece hat and gloves- and I was still cold!I really wanted to like this bag due to the 1lb. weight, but is not not even close to the 40 degree rating.I will go back to my Sierra Designs Nitro 30 which I will sweat in and has never let me down- and it is only seven ounces more.

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Been reading lots of bag reviews, I hear many people complaining about bags not meeting their temperature ratings. The one thing I always hear in common is these people are all wearing layers under their bags. You know it is actually better to wear virtually no clothing at all under in your bag, let Me explain why. Down and any insulator actually traps your body heat and holds it close to you, that is why it remains warm. The down doesn't actually generate the heat, your body does. When you decide to layer up in side your bag, you are actually preventing your body heat from being trapped by the down inside your bag. You are not generating enough heat, so the bag begins to retain the out-side temperature easier than your body heat. My Wife always complains about cold feet when sleeping in a bag, I always ask "are you wearing your socks?" After she removes them and gets the bag warmed up She doesn't have cold feet the rest of the night. The bag needs to be heated by you first to make the insulation work most efficiently.

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I've done the Tahoe rim trail with this bag in early Fall; Temps drop to mid 30s and i felt fine.

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Your feet get cold wearing socks in a sleeping bag because you were sweating in them the entire day. That also goes for the rest of your clothes. The presence of clothes does not make you colder in a sleeping bag, anybody who has ever thrown a puffy on because they were cold can tell you that.