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Gear Review

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Keen can do better.

Sometimes I work as a caterer in a relatively casual setting, and we dress in our own clothes. The idea is "look like a guest, but with food." As a big fan of Keens, I bought these sandals thinking they would be dressy enough to wear with a casual-yet-nice dress, yet still give me the support and cushioning I need to be on my feet. Not so much.
First of all, I immediately noticed how kinda flimsy and cheap they seemed. The straps were just glued in, with visible gobs of glue. The heel strap is adjustable, with a faux velcro closure: It's not a hook-and-fuzzy duo as per regular velcro, it's more like both sides are hook-y, plastic-y stuff. I don't see them lasting long, and my skinny feet needed them a bit tighter than the strap would allow. The buckle worked fine for me, but the real killer was the spot where the toe strap joins with the heel strap, on the inside. That chafed at my instep right away. I wore them inside, on carpeting and bare wood floors, for about an hour. I decided these are not the shoes for me, and returned them.