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Kask Vertigo Helmet

A classy helmet at a classy price: nigh on US$300. Needless to say the helmet makers with a name and a team apply a hefty mark up (over what probably costs US$20 to make by a Chinese teenager) to attract the wannabees or people who just want to try and offset the fact that all cycle helmets are ugly and make all riders look like dorks so you'd better get something that looks nice in the picture before the human is added. I bought this on a liking for the lime and white colour scheme and a single rotating tightener at the back to fit to the head. But having tried it, it's not as comfortable as the Rudy Project Sterling which is: 1) cheaper at US$254 by US$46, 2) is better looking, 3) is better fitting, 4) has better padding and comes with a bug mesh and visor. The Kask doesn't come with a bug mesh or a visor or spare padding, which at this price it should. Way over priced but most Italian designed stuff is and of the two, go for the Rudy Project Sterling, look better and save US$46. If you don't live in a nanny state, don't bother with a helment at all. A helmet didn't do Wouter Waylandt any good and most cyclists are more aware and safer without the dork fashion statement atop their noggins.

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It is INCREDIBLY IGNORANT and reckless to recommend not wearing a helmet. Any experienced rider who puts in a decent amount of mileage has had crashes and/or knows of many others that have had them.