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i got the last years model of this board. at first i was VERY skeptical about rossi, being a burton rider my whole life. but it was on sale and i was broke and needed a board. so i broke down and bought it. first day: i strap it on, and notice "holy hell this is a light board" my burton from 07 was a clunker, so this was a HUGE difference. so i get to the top of the hill and fly down the runs the fastest i have EVER gone on any board. this thing just HUGGED the runs, never caught an edge, kept its balance really well. the only thing that this board ever had an issue with was ice, but the icy runs were graded really weird (why build a run that skirts along the edge of a cliff and have it 10 degrees downhill slant to the left?) handles absolutely amazing in pow, and does great on technical runs with moguls (YES I PUT MYSELF THRU THAT HELL!) cant really keep up in the park compared to a libtech board as this board runs very fast, and you can definitely lose control in the park if you dont watch it. i had a bad issue with overshoot going to this board cause its so fast. it does however have ALOT of pop to it.

all in all, its a great board, maybe not ideal for a beginner, but not so terribly advanced that a beginner wouldnt be able to ride it.

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magnetractions is the sickest thing to ever happen to the east coast. Put it with magne traction and youve got a board aboce all others. Good thing you switched pver man. burtons are wack and built like crap. Mervin forever.

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MAgne = Banana. Thats what i meant. itll cahnge your life and blow your socks off