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Just say no to Dansko unfortunately...

I LIVED in my Dansko clogs for the past 14 yrs -- not the same pair of course, but I could get a good 2 yrs out of a pair as they were made incredibly well. I'm on my feet all day at work, and the support and comfort these provided were worth every penny -- like as comfortable as bare feet once they were broken in. I had to purchase a new pair recently; same ones i always get. This Dansko company is insulting my intelligence; these are not even close to the same shoes. I guess the leather's been replaced by PLASTIC, because they're so stiff I got a black toenail. And that's after using liquid shoe stretch -- which only works on leather, so the plastic was immune. They pinch my feet -- all i wanna do is sit and then take them off! I never even used to think about my feet, now they're constantly bothering me at work. And the soles squeak on the hospital floors, where they used to be silent. Again, plastic. I have since heard Dansko sold the company and the shoes are now being made in China, so mystery solved. But i'm SO disappointed, I wasted $100.00, and I now need to find another daily shoe after all these years. I need an authentic company that still takes pride in their product and is not trying to cheat the loyal consumers. They used to be the best, but now honestly, these shoes are a shell of what they used to be. THE WORST!

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I, too, was a loyal customer of Dankso Clogs and always wore the oiled "work" clog. I actually wore them for about 15 years. I wore them almost every day. Then, about 18 months ago, I purchased two new pairs, both of which had been made in China. Both pairs of clogs killed me, in spite of my vigilant efforts to try to get used to them. I found the leather to be very hard and unforgiving and impossible to break in. The part of the clog over the instep was higher up, than my old pairs and hit me my foot at a very uncomfortable place. In one pair, one shoe was markedly smaller than the other. It took my feet months to recover from wearing these shoes!! I miss my OLD Danksos (the ones made in Poland, and before that in Denmark), very much, but will never attempt to wear this line again.

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You may want to look into Sanita shoes. They made the "old style" Danskos. [See my response to V Putala's question.]

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The old Dansko shoes were made by Sanita, and Sanita is now making them and selling them under their own name. Dansko had a distribution agreement with Sanita which ended in 2007. Dansko claims that they have made "improvements" over the old design (my guess is that because of the patent they couldn't exactly replicate the Sanita clogs), but according to everything I have heard, that is no where near true. I am going to stick with Sanita.

Here is some info I found about it.