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Gear Review

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Just picked it up

I analyze things a bit too much. Like helmets and snow conditions. Then again, after my little crash, I take no more chances. I was looking for the best possible protection for Alpine skiing. Let's put it this way, I don't usually ski slow. For this day in time, this helmet is the is at the top of the pack. Since you don't know until it's too late, the least I could do is make sure it has as many defensive mechanisms as possible. Concussion is to of the list. The MIPS, the teflon layer and ABS were impressive. Very thoughtfully designed. I could have purchased a helmet for less than half the price, but why take a chance?

Make sure you put safety first. I'm not sure people's issues with comfort; I don't doubt them. I do wonder if they gave the helmet enough time on their noggin. Walk around the house with it for a half hour. Both your head and the foam needs to adjust to each other. I'm happy to have a snug helmet - the safer you are. BTW, I have an extremely fat head - the XL was the only size for me.

Now, the negatives. I am spoiled by my Giro's ventilation on the fly switch. I do perspire a lot; it would be nice not to have to take it apart. I knew that going into this, so it's not a complaint.

My biggest beef is the earphones. I know companies make a lot of money on options. But geeze, nearly half the price of the helmet? I do love my giro/SkullCandy combo. If you guys would knock the price in half, I'd think about it.
I have NOT skied with it yet. It should get a good shake down in a couple days, so I'll let you know then.

It gets five stars for now. I'll weigh in on the stars next week.
More info next week.