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Gear Review

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Just not good enough.

What I like is this is a lightweight pack that can open up and expand its capacity to a decent size day pack, possibly overnight depending on your definition of ultra lite. The pack has a lot of adjustment capability. It can also accomodate ice tools and or some trek poles depending on how creative you want to get. I like to go shirtless on the trail most of the time and felt the material on the back side is a little abrasive. the pockets on the hips are nice and easy to access while on the go. The waist-belt is really nice on this pack. I don't like the dainty feel of this waist belt. I like a big thick belt like a pack. The shoulder straps did not work for me either. I could not seem to get the pack to sit right on my shoulders and there was a little too much bounce no matter how I adjusted it. The bladder is easy to access to refill, but I am not big on the bladder designs of Camelbak. I think they can be hard to fill so I really just don't like them. I think I prefer platypus bladders and salomon makes a pretty mean bladder as well. All in all this can get the job done, but left me wanting so much more. I think Camelbak can do better than this one!