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Gear Review

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Just not for me, may be for you

I tried to like these. I really did. I built up a rigid 29er and put these on because I hoped they would save my palms and wrists some wear and tear. And they first. They lock your wrists into a particular position and are great on climbs. They spread out the impact on your palms and for a while make descending better on a rigid. Once you get them dialed angle-wise in they seem much more comfortable than regular grips. They're firm yet squishy and nice and tacky and grippy.

After a long descent, though, it just became painful, because it's harder to hang on to these. That wing on the back is right where I would be gripping with end end joint my last three fingers, so instead of allowing my really wrap my fingers around the bar if forces me to crimp on a larger surface. After long descents or on really long rides this just pumps out my forearms and causes everything below my elbow to turn to painful jelly. It's also a pain when climbing out of the saddle, because your wrists rotate forward and it's harder to grab the bar. I thought it was because my fingers weren't in shape; I built up to longer rides and even did the Tahoe Sierra 100 on these (not to mention the rock climbing I do). In the end my hands just never adjusted and my forearms were always painfully pumped out after long rides with anything technical or bumpy.

I have pretty big hands, that may be my problem (I tried both the S and L; the L was just humongous and the S worked better). I know some people swear by these things and love them, and I know people like me who tried to like them and just couldn't get into it. Eventually I went back to ODI Rogues and have been much happier since, they're just so much easier to hold onto. I think it depends on your hand size and shape combined with riding setup and style. You may love them, you may hate them. I also tried the GX1 grips because the wing is thinner, but had the same problem there. These are squishier than the GX1 and a little tackier.

As far as quality goes, they are built well. I wish there were a clamp on the inside as well for more peace of mind on carbon bars, but the outside clamp holds reasonably well. They wear at a reasonable rate, though a little faster than the GX1. I had no problems with quality at all.