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Gear Review

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Just got a M, it is running larger then spec.

Sizing from Camp-USA Site:

XS: Waist - 58-68 cm, 23-27 in | Leg - 48-58 cm, 19-23 in
S: Waist - 65-75 cm, 25.5-29.5 in | Leg - 52-62 cm, 20.5-24.5 in
M: Waist - 72-82 cm, 28.5-32 in | Leg - 56-66 cm, 22-26 in
L: Waist - 79-89 cm, 31-35 in | Leg - 60-70 cm, 23.5-27.5 in
XL: Waist - 89-96 cm, 35-38 in | Leg - 64-74 cm, 25-29 in

I have a 30in waist, with the M (28.5-32) I have it cranked all the way down to the point the right gear loop and belay loop are awkwardly next to each other.

I got this because the ArcTyex s240 had really tight leg loops for me, so I needed adjustable leg loops. This harness other then the sizing is going to fit the bill just fine. Probably better then the s240. This has 4 gear loops and a tab for the chalk bag. S240 is bare, bare, bare. Doesn't pack as small as the S240, but the Air CR is still gets pretty small and is almost the same weight.