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Just a thicker & heavier RidgeRest

Let's compare some numbers:

1. This pad is 540g vs. 400g for the standard RidgeRest. So it is over 35% heavier.

2. I also don't understand why they claim it's 10% warmer, since the R value increases from 2.6 to 3.5 (also 35% more).

3. This pad is 2cm thick, the standard RidgeRest is 1.5cm. Guess what? Also about 35% more. This basically explains the increase in weight and warmth. The aluminized coating probably doesn't do anything.

4. The only thing which is not 35% more is the price, $25 vs $40, a 60% increase.

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The RR solar is actually a RR deluxe. They are both 0.75" thick, whereas the regular RR is 0.625" thick. Therefore, you are comparing the Solar to the wrong pad. Therm-a-rest has simply added a reflective coating to the RR Deluxe to boost R-value at no weight gain and given it a new name.

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Yes, you've compared the wrong pads. For a true comparison of the ridgerest, look at the solite pad. The RidgeRest Solar is a beefed up RidgeRest Deluxe, as the previous poster mentioned