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Just a skate shoe with fancy rubber

I have these big chunky fellas and although the rubber is the best, the upper is junk. These are pretty much a glorified frumpy skate shoe. In no way is this a technical shoe. They uppers are so tall and stuffed with unnecessary padding that they roll and bend so poorly when you're on anything at an angle, the wholes on the side of these leather uppers let sand, snow, debris in. To top it off next years price on these are going to be $155. If quality isn't an issue and you're only in it for the rubber then these shoes will be perfect for you. Myself on the other hand would expect a shoe at its current price point to exhibit strong attention to detail--these shoes are far from that. They are made in china, they often vary in size and shape from left to right foot. Other than the rubber, i see these as just a trend that will go away once someone else creates a real grown up version of it. I normally don't rip on a company like this but dude...these shoes are a joke.