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Jetboil Sol Ti Rocks!

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been using Jetboil stoves since 2009. I started with the Flash model and upgraded to the Sol Ti in 2011. Here's why you should own one of these stoves:

Stoves are COMPACT and assemble QUICKLY: All components - stabilizer, 100g fuel canister and burner - fit inside the cooking vessel (pot). Packed size is 6" x 4" diameter = volume of 75 (1.2 liter). Assembling components takes about 30 seconds.

Stoves boil FAST: The burner has an integral push-button igniter that has you cooking in seconds. With Jetboil systems there is no pumping or priming or other "fiddling" that is common with liquid fuel systems (Note: I used the excellent MSR Whisperlite liquid fuel stove for 20 years!). The pot has a "FluxRing" heat exchanger welded to its base (provides more metal surface area for the burner flame/heat to come in contact with). This technology allows Jetboil to boil two cups of water in two minutes.

Stoves are EFFICIENT: The neoprene cozy that wraps the pot has a temperature indicator* that lets you know when water has reached 160 deg F (perfect for hot drinks) allowing you to turn stove off sooner. It takes much more energy/fuel to bring water to a full boil. When this feature is combined with fast boil times, a 100g fuel canister can boil around 12 liters of water. When backpacking, I typically use one 100g fuel canister per person per week.

*Note: the temp indicator is NOT included with the Sol Ti pot cozy (to save weight), but IS available in the Sol pot cozy that you can buy separately - highly recommended.

Stoves are LIGHT: My Sol Ti system weighs 16.9 oz (= 1.0 oz stabilizer + 3.6 oz burner + 5.2 oz pot/cozy/lid + 7.1 oz 100g fuel canister). My Flash system weighs 21.5 oz. Note: I don't pack/use the included 1.1 oz cup/skirt cover.

In my research, I haven't found a complete system (fuel, burner, pot) out there with lighter weight or faster boil times!

Snowy 11,000' breakfast in Holy Cross Wilderness, CO:

Jetboil Sol Ti Rocks!