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Jansport D2

I have been looking for another Jansport D2 to come on the market for 15 years. I'm old school too and I had two D2's in the late 70's and 80's and loved them. One of them had the loop handles and I loved it. I just bought a Gregory Baltoro 75 and didn't know the D2 was in production again. I thought about cancelling the Baltoro 75, but after reading some of the reviews about the quality and not having nylon bushings, and not having a water bladder I've talked myself out of it. I long for the day, and like the rest of you will probably never see the original D2 reintroduced. What a loss...I can only give it 3 stars for nostalga sake because I don't think I will be buying a new D2.

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I'm not totally clear, but it looks like a lot of people are rating this product without ever seeing it in person.

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CJ,I do not need to see the pack in person. The photo above clearly shows that the hip suspension system uses a metal on metal attachment. The original D2 of which I have 3, has a nylon bushing at each attachment point for the hip carry loops.

I don't like the color but that is just me. It really is not a negative.

I have looked at every outdoor store in Phoenix. None have carried the new D2.