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how well with this board spin? and spin off 30-40 footers? i live in jersey so i do shred alot of rails, jus wanna know how it holds on medium size jumps

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the board holds up on everything. kills everything. slays everything. Rode the last years ultra fear FK all season all over Utah. Make sure you get the right size. I'm 6'0 and got the '55 and needed it a little longer on the deep days and big air. 30 footers were pretty mellow though.

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bull, iv got last years model and its sketchy as shit on big jumps. on medium jumps its alright but if youv got any off centre landings it washes out. im not a pro but im rocking 720+ and its sketchy, trying to sell mine and buy somethin more stable for this year

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mathias, try out this years model and i bet you'll change your tune