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I've got Issues !?

Sooooo. . . this chalk sock is so-so. I usually use loose chalk in the bottom of my chalk bag with a chalk sock for predictable palm coverage, but this thing has a couple issues that keep it from being as reliable as other "refillable" socks I've used.

When I'm climbing for a while my sweaty hand starts to make the chalk ball very sweaty. . . it goes without saying that the sweatier the ball gets the less chalk it spits out onto my palm and the harder you have to work it to get enough coverage. Not to mention having to chalk up more frequently, which just means less climbing.

I have used other chalk socks in the past and I now know I prefer my old polyester sock. The polyester one doesn't hold onto the moisture from my hand and produces a thicker and more consistant coating of chalk with each dip into the ol' bag. The Metolius sock seems to be made out of 99% cotton?, is "refillable", and feels like a regular tube sock. Which is cool. . except the cotton part because it seems to hold onto all moisture and the material gives a bare minimum coating.

I love the chalk though, keeps the friction nice and my hands as dry as I can expect for my hands to be. .

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Now that I think about it, I guess this thing has been subconciously training me to use "less" chalk. Since it naturally dispenses "less" chalk than I'm used to. . ?
Using less chalk and chalking up less isn't necessarily a bad thing . .