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Gear Review

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It's like a wiregate, only less snaggy

Solid biner from BD. It has all the perks of a wiregate (light, minimal gate flutter) with most of the perks of a keylock, and is about 20% cheaper than a WC Helium. I'm also not as worried about accruing gunk in the hood as I am with the WC ("self cleaning"!).

The reasons I only gave them 4 stars: 1) The wire hood doesn't go quite as far out as the beginning of the notch (about 1mm, see picture) so there's still a hint of a snag sometimes vs. a keylock (very minor, and not noticeable at all if you're using it for a rope-end biner). 2) There are some inconsistencies in gate tension between biners, probably something to do with the flattened wire. That being said, the gates are all still snappy and trustworthy, just not as consistent as I'd like to see.

In conclusion: I will definitely be buying these again. An awesome rope-end biner with a little room for improvement.

It's like a wiregate, only less snaggy