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Gear Review

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Its all Good!

So far this tent has pretty much ticked all the boxes...
It is light!
Its sets up easy, just got to know which parts of the pole monster goes where!
hardly quivers in strong wind!
Good price!

Some things to keep in mind though is that it is made of pretty lightweight material, so best to have the footprint and dont be too rough with it.
Also the pole monster unpacks easy but can prove to be a slight puzzle to pack up as there are about 214 different ways you can break it down - but I enjoy the challenge, and so will you - it isnt that bad really!
Also the inner footprint isnt massive, although you do get more space vertically with the vert walls the footprint is cosy if you have a couple of blokes sleeping in there. At least it is well ventelated!

All in all a great tent for the price.