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Gear Review

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Its a rain hat

As stated in the description...if you're looking for a hat for extremely wet conditions, look no further. With the bomber gore-tex and huge brim, this hat will keep your head and shoulders dry in a monsoon. But, its only a rain hat. This hat feels heavy and stuffy when its warm. I found it staying in my pack so much that it now rarely leaves my closet. There are far better sun hats and all-around hats out there than the Seattle Sombrero. My rain shell hood makes a far more economical (weight-wise and financial) insurance against unexpected rain showers. That being said, if there's a forecast for rain, I would likely pack my Seattle Sombrero.

Bottom line....if you're expecting rain, this hat will get you through the showers in style and comfort. If you're not banking on a downpour, its probably not worth packing the extra item.