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It's a messenger bag wtih shoulder straps, this isn't a backpack!

This is nothing more than an over priced, laptop sized messenger bag with two shoulder straps. There is just enough space for my 15 inch laptop, external hard drive, mouse, and associated cords. The middle storage pocket isn't wide enough for a bottle of water, however if you routinely carry file folder's, magazines and newspapers, or say two laptops, then you are good to go. Don't be fooled by the 915cu in spec. It may be 915 cu in according to a CAD design program, but it's clearly not 915 cu in of intelligently designed, usable space. NOT RECOMMENDED for people looking to carry lunch and a laptop to work. NOT RECOMMENDED for people interested in a single pack for commuting to work. RECOMMENDED if you only want to use this a a carry on for your trip cross country and all your bringing is your computer, chewing gum, and magazines to read on the flight.

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Thanks for this review brother, the first one is a little misleading i think but you set the record straight! Arc'teryx does NOT seem to put as much effort into the construction of these 'casual urban' bags as their reputed mountaineering products from what i've read.