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Its a love/hate relationship

So I am really confident about these after placing them and they are super strong. That is just what I need to quiet a nervous mind when I'm climbing. They are light and fit in a wide range of sizes. However, I think I've never been so frustrated with a piece of gear as when I'm trying to remove these. It could be these tri cams, or it could be my bozo friend Thomas placing them in situations when they are so deep and in a crazy place that I would rather just have a stick of dynamite to remove it....ok maybe not. I know from reading a lot that many have troubles removing these if they are placed anywhere but the very outside edge of a crack and some refer to them even as "fixed gear". Bottom line is #1, don't let Thomas place tri cams, and #2 don't place them too deep or in a funny constriction or you just might never get them out. You decide, that's just my opinion.

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I agree fully with you on removal! I have cleaned alot and if you dont have a nut tool... you do alot pulling for no reason! but for pro, if paced right, bomber!!!!!!