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Gear Review

4 5

It's a jet

This was my first Jetboil. It definitely does what it says it does, it boils water, and fast. It is pretty easy to use, although one does have to be careful of what they cook in it. Because this thing gets so hot, only water should be boiled inside it. If one decides to cook in it, then it needs to be something watery like soup, and be sure to stir it constantly.

My pot will kind of stick when trying to attach it to the base and I figured in time it would stop sticking so much, however, it still does. At this point, I don't think that this will get much better. So, I just have to be careful and use both hands when connecting/unconnecting the pot from the stove.

In my opinion, it is a bit heavy when compared to alcohol systems (which I am a huge fan of) but it is acceptable. I will only carry the pot, cozy, lid and stove and the total weight is 8.4 oz. I am looking to lighten up the lid with another one...

I will hesitantly give this stove 4 stars, but for me it is closer to 3. It loses one because the stove sticks to the cook pot and I would subtract another for weight, however, I understand that not everyone may be as concerned as I am, so I will not subtract this star.