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It works...for awhile

I got the 1 cup model, I think the first time I packed it, the little spout thing broke from the container part, I rigged it enough to work, then the gasket started failing after like, 6 months. it would spew steam out the sides no matter how hard I screwed it down.

The clincher was this, it has a LIFEIME warrenty, but after 4 emails to the company..they NEVER replied

The product is a good idea, but the company customer sevice is non-existant

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thanks for posting a review. I was thinking about buying one of these but think I might just stick with my trusty one cup Bialetti stove top maker Plus I can buy new gaskets when the old ones wear out.
I suspect theirs are made in China. You want espresso? You want Italy. You want junk? You want China.