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It works, but just not my Bottle for Tea

Yes, these bottles work for what they are but I've got two issues, they dent super easy and the top takes waaay to long to unscrew (not to mention looking like your drinking from a fuel bottle). Yeah the dents aren't that big of a deal, but when you need to drink something it seems like they could have left a good 1/4 inch of threads off the top and still have a functional seal. Most of the Nalgenes once loose you can kind of spin the lid off and take a drink, not so with the Sigg. Twirl and twirl and twist and spin and turn and... Additionally, don't buy the top holder, it will break eventually where it clips to the cap. I've never had an issue with any leaching tastes. Overall I'd rather rock my Nalgene or my Platypus bottles.

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Try the green screw tops. They've got 3 threads rather than 4 in the black and blue ones. The green ones take a little less than 2 full rotations to screw tight, whereas the blue/black ones take 3 full rotations.