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Gear Review

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Inspired design!

Yeah, so saying inspired design sounds like a commercial jingle or something, but it really does sum it up. Hands down, this is the best draw I've ever used. I normally use Petzl express nylon slings for my draws, because I like thick slings that don't turn, and don't flop around. The last time I used Dyneema slings they were from Wild Country and were rather floppy and annoying, and I returned them because they just weren't good enough. Thankfully, Petzl fixed the problem by making them very stiff all the way through, so they don't flop and don't turn, but still can move with the rope because of the small amount of extra fabric at the end. The Ange is the best carabiner I've ever used, and even though I don't have much money, they are worth every penny. The nose is perfectly smooth and never snags, the gate action is superb, and the gate opening is just as large as a full size carabiner. Don't cut corners with your draws, and pick up a bunch of these, they are so worth it. I feel compelled to add that there is a downside, and that is that all other draws I've used after these feel cheap in comparison, and now I have a burning desire to replace all my other draws with these.