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Gear Review

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Incredible Lenses

These goggles are excellent. I have a pair of blue iridium as well as high intensity and couldn't be happier. I board at 11,000 ft in Colorado so I'm always in the clouds and the high intensity pair will occasionally fog but only if it's a real dense foggy day and snowing like a mofo. On typical overcast days you can't beat the H.I. lenses. It is honestly like turning on a lightbulb. When you look at bumps and inconsistencies in the snow one side appears purple and the other yellow so you can really spot out the terrain. I don't know how Oakley does it.
The Iridiums are equally sexual when the sun's out scorching your retinas. They block the rays and still maintain a stellar performance of highlighting terrain changes.
The goggles themselves are very comfortable, but I'm not wild about the shape. Peripheral vision is excellent but I doubt they are helment compatible, even though they claim to be. I haven't tried them with one because I hate wearing a helmet, but with the wierd plastic do-dads on the strap-to-goggle mount I doubt if they would fit comfortably against a helmet edge. Also, the top side of the goggle frame is more roundish than a goggle conventionally designed to sit flush to a helmet so I doubt if they would seal tightly.
All in all, an excellent pair of gog's but if you always ride with a helmet, I'd look elsewhere.