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I'm a believer

I am a 56 year old woman who has been using the original D series Jansport for the last 30+ years. I have put plenty of backcountry miles both on trail and off on this pack and have considered internal packs over the years but just can not part with my D series. I have packed 50 lbs and now about 35-40 lbs...the D series distributes whatever weight you put in it! The waist handles have come in handy plenty - I use them to shift the weight when crossing logs or side hilling or for a break after many miles on the trai or to rest my trekking poles. It is nice to have a free standing pack with individual pockets at camp stuff is organized and always handy. The only drawbacks are: 1. can easily put too much weight in your pack as it is so roomy 2. the external frame can interfere when looking up on a steep slope...e.g. not for technical climbing.
I have to say, I am disappointed in the lower pocket in the new model with the words JANSPORT so vividly displayed...a bit tacky don't you think?

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I believe the logo was on that detachable pocket on the original D2s as well, Joni. I didn't notice it much as I rarely had that zip-off pocket attached to my pack.

And the original colors didn't make it look quite so prominent, perhaps?


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I designed the original logo, and placed it on the D2 pack prominently, although less prominently than this one is. I still have an original. I wanted it prominent as it was going up D2 on a climbers back, and was not yet in production. When we produced it, everyone wanted the large logo. Murray McCory

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I concur with the reviews on the D2. I started off with a D3 (smaller bag, same frame) back in "76". It's gone, but I have since acquired a D2 and an Alpine Phantom (still use them). These packs are now "iconic" and even better, were designed and manufactured in the USA. JS was an original in more ways than one and I miss it (the early JS before the takeovers) but time moves on, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

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I have a duplicate of my original D2 from 1976. Actually I think it IS my original pack. It has all the same identifiable stains, scratches, etc. It has the loop hip carry bars and they do have nylon bushings. I was mistaken; there and not leather patches inside the top of the pack. There ARE straps that I used to keep an LLBean chamois shirt or Eddie Bauer down vest up out of the way. I found this pack on eBay and I am certain I have my old pack returned to me. With what I paid this time plus what I paid for it new I still have less in it than buying the New 'Retro' Orange D2. Someday I will find a new D2 in stock to compare my original D2 with the new D2. I am afraid the new D2 will not compare well.


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Yes, the logo was on the zip off pocket on my 1976 D2. The zip off pocket was used to carry first aid things. It was lost in the many household moves I made.