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If I lost it today, I'd buy another one tomorrow.

I use this thing probably ten times a day. Cutting bread, spreading cheese, trimming my fingernails with the scissors (they work great for this purpose, by the way), opening packages, opening bottles of wine or beer. For me the size is ideal because it slides in perfectly next to my wallet in my back pocket. It's always with me when I'm climbing or hiking. Or awake, for that matter. A larger, high-quality single-blade knife might be more ideal and probably more durable for serious tasks (what are you doing out there, anyway?) but I've rarely needed anything burlier. And sure, you can open anything with a stick, a rock and some determination, but if you're bringing the bottle of Bordeaux you might as well open it with class. The red color has helped me find it in the snow a million times. I still don't know what the hell the hook is for.

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For others who are also wondering what the hook is for... A parcel carrier. You put the string of the package through the hook and the knife becomes a handle. Probably about as useful as the corkscrew now days.

...on the other hand, the thin handle on many 5 gallon buckets will fit into this hook. Fill one up and you will appreciate having this knife as a handle instead of 5 gallons of liquid/dirt/etc digging into your hand.