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Gear Review

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I wouldn't reccomend them.

alright so here's whats up with them. I bought them a few years back before I got serious into sound quality. obviously the bass is there, but it is deffinately overpowering. If you listen without the sub on the sound is very thin, tinny and just bad overall. Also, they are bad if you listen to your music loud which can be especially easy to do and not notice with these, this is especially bad because they deffinately have the potential to damage your ears, even without rediculous volume. If had my ears ringing after using them more than once before. As far as construction goes, it has been stated before and I'll say it again, the construction is cheap. its all plastic, the hinges and everything are plastic. It was the same deal with my TI's. I had them for less than a week before they broke and they sounded even worse. My fullmetal jackets lasted the longest and sounded the best but still nothing to write home about. They broke after about a month and a half of use. I have not broke my skullcrushers yet but thats because I havent used them in a long time and probably wont for a long time to come. I have realized that skullcandy is more for the aesthetic than honouring sound quality and durability. I have learned from my mistakes and will not be buying their products again. I dont mean to bash I just want to state oppinion and forewarn anyone who considers buying these, yeah you could go worse, but not by much... and for the price, you could deffinately do way better.