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Gear Review

4 5

I think Im going to like it

BC 2 days on the Voodos ( prior boot was the Ener-Gs), one at the resort, one in the BC. 15+ years of BC skiing/teles, 185lbs 5'10", one ankle was fused last April.

Still early to tell, the resort was packed snow, had good control and skied well. BC had 12+" of powder, great control, skinned well.

I am kinda of tuned into the fit issue for me due to the fused ankle.
So a comparison of my good foot vs the fused foot:

Good Foot- fit great ( used the bake method for fitting the liner) no additonal work needed, though I may be putting a shim around the ankle area later. The shell is very anatomical ( spelling??) and fits close, but first day out skiing no hot spots or problem areas. Very Happy

Fused foot. Forward lean 25degrees is a little to steep for my ankle so I will be drilling another hole in the metal bar in the walk/ski mode. I skied with the ski/walk mode unlocked all day, no real problems though. The boot shell being tighter/anatomical fitting around the leg and the lover lap design, being quite stiff, left my ankle aching at the end of the tour where the leg curves down to the foot. So this is an issue I will need to work out for my own, but I mention this that if you have fat feet , or ankle issues , you may want to be aware of the fit in this area.
On whole, the fit is tight but comfortabe, compared to BD push, more room in the toe box, compared to the Ene-Gs tighter around the foot, but not uncomfortable ( except the fused ankle issue for me)- Ener-Gs are more comfortable for me to ski in and easier to get into and out of.

I will still be playing with the fit and the tightness settings of the buckels for the next few trips, may need the shell modified around my ankle, but wont pull that trigger until I've skied it a few more times.

I think its a great boot, with lots of power for big skis and very tourable.

Ive got several more days in them now, the good foot fit is great, and so far no additonal shims are needed around the ankle.

I drilled a new hole in both forward lean bars ( I did this to accomodate the fused ankle), so it is less than the Mfg. 25 degree forward lean, but not sure what. It has a more upright feel, but skiing I couldnt tell and I was able to tele better and more comfortablely than not having the cuff locked - big improvement. The metal bar must be hardend metal, I used a drill press and broke to bits in the process.

On the fused ankle foot I moved the buckles so It would not be so tight in the walk mode and still be snug when skiing, this seems to help with the fit issue, but more time is needed before I have the cuff streched or something.

Overall liking the boot better