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I sure tried

I've got a couple other reviews and comments from throughout the last few years here somewhere, but here's the latest- I am so done with this filter! I owned one of the very first of these sold to the public and it's been a constant mix of really good and really bad ever since. Worked fine at times, but it was always something- filter issues, back flushing issues, cartridge replacements long before they were due (even pumping from pristine sources), dropping and chasing small and numerous parts in creeks issues, pumping problems like vacuum locks and low flow rates... and finally, on our last trip, four strokes and failure (piston froze up almost completely) Hyperflow was dead weight that never left my pack again. We would have been totally screwed without another system or boiling. Totally pointless at that moment. I was pissed and irritated for the last time. Now, I do love my MSR Autoflow (the last trip's savior), and when that's not enough, I use and invariably rely on my Katadyn Hiker Pro. I wanted to like this, but the little problems that I was initially willing to overlook just got to be more than I was willing to deal with anymore. We have to trust our filters, and this gets too sketchy sometimes.