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I recently wore these on a trip to Hoth.

I bought these pants for a recent recreational trip to Hoth.I'd heard that the temp there routinely dips down to around -700 degrees at night, and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to sleep in a Tauntaun.Needless to say, they were exceptional.Super warm, super comfy, and actually incredibly durable. Over the two weeks we spent there, I think I only took them off once. And that was to pee.So if you're considering getting these pants, I highly recommend them.Seriously.

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I wish I had these when I went to Hoth. I had to sleep in a tauntaun and they are warm, but they only last about one night before they go cold and get rigid. My friend tried to get a second night out of one and I had to cut him out of it in the morning because it got so rigid.

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And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside!