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I really wanted to love these!

I bought these knowing how many people loved them and was optimistic that I would love them as well. I wore these for four hours on a easy flat hike and came back with two blisters on each foot. Also almost twisted my ankle a couple times and could not adjust the straps the right way. They were either too tight in the front and perfect in the ankle or too loose in the back and perfect I'm the toe. I would buy these to wear instead of flip flops but not for trail walking or "outdoorsy" activities. Cute shoe, but when my feet kill, I don't care how stylish they are!

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I wanted to check in and see if you have had any more luck with your ZX2's. Let me know if you want to get in contact, it sounds as if you had some issues adjusting them which can make a big difference in how they perform. The Zx2 is super capbable and I would love to assist in making them work for you!