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I really wanted to love it... but it broke my heart.

I generally like CAMP USA products, as I consider they are of great quality, design, and price.
As for this pack, it is MOSTLY well made, but there's a small design flaw, which could be fixed to save an otherwise great overall pack: the side mesh pockets.
These two pockets are designed to hold some items that you would need to access more often (i.e. your climbing shoes).
The problem is that the material of which this mesh is made proved to be very weak. I bought this pack to take to Arkansas on a week climbing road-trip and on the FIRST day the pack softly scraped a rock and tore two holes on the mesh. This is supposed to be a CRAG pack, MADE for that environment (ROCK), so one would assume it should be able to sustain a little wear. It DID NOT. I almost considered keeping the pack with the torn side pockets because to be fair, other than THAT problem, this is an amazing pack. Plenty of room for rope and gear, even some food and bladder. But I decided not to, as I feel it is not fair that a pack designed specifically for rock climbing does not endure past THE FIRST DAY of its FIRST TRIP.
Going for the Arcteryx MIURA 50 instead.

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* It's essentially the same pack so I'm leaving my review as a guidance, basically because the mesh side pockets have the same design flaw.

I really wanted to love it... but it broke my heart.
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but it's not the same pack...perhaps they reinforced the mesh? also...the miura 50 doesn't have mesh pockets, so while i can see your annoyance, you won't have them at all with that bag. further, the miura 50 costs twice as much and has twice the weight. i'm curious if you got the bag and feel it's more than twice as good? thanks for any response!

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try the metolius cragmaster. an awesome pack