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I need more of these now!

Since I got these, every time I reach for a biner I'm looking for a Positron. I don't think I can own enough of them. I don't understand why the companies still make the old style gates. The keylock makes it snag free so they are perfect for all types of climbing. They don't get hung up on webbing or bolts so cleaning is a lot easier while you are still pumped. They are light (however not the lightest) for the people trying to maximize every ounce.
I highly recommend these to people that are trying to figure out what to buy. You will not be disappointed with these. I am ordering more, and I am also going to order a couple of the Positron locking biners too.

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they only make wiregate 'biners because they are lighter. so if you have 40 'biners on a big wall, every gram adds up... gotta love gravity