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Gear Review

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I left it in a hikers box after carrying it 30 miles.

Slow as hell and 15 mind numbing minutes later a cup of weak cold coffee - (cowboy strained filtered w/ the "drip" is served up cold as well).

light coffee options are still...

1)unfiltered cowboy coffee - gritty
2)instant - my choice. - reliable
3)bandanna filtered - messy
4) portable generator + cappuccino machine - considering it.

Left the GSI drip in the hikers box somewhere in Northern Virginia. (if you found it - I left it and um... "lucky you").

Great device in theory - not in practice.

Tip- 1-2 Carnation instant breakfasts (mocha or vanilla) and a heaping teaspoon of instant - hot water. Caffeine and nutrition rolled up into a sweet hearty shake! Good luck 09 thru hikers - EFF'N rain - you poor poor b-st-rds - urban.

P.S. sorry GSI - on the other hand the "soloist" is fairly sweet -

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Great choice to leave it!!!!! check out H2Joe from c@m%m0r