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I hate to wear it.

It is a great hat for its purpose. I was given mine as an Xmas present a decade and a half ago. I think about bringing it when we go sea kayaking but I always leave it at home because I just can't stand the thought of wearing it. It is like the single most hat that the biggest goobs out there flock to. It is like a badge for REI members and people in the Mountaineers club. It is like one of the ten necessary essentials to being a complete and utter outdoor chode before you drive home in your Prius. Those of you who have seen the people I am talking about understand what I am saying. The dweeb male or female with short shorts and gaiters on, with a backpack filled with the ten essentials along with their trekking poles as they do the simplest of hikes. I laugh when a car load pulls up and they are like little clones wearing the same goob gear.
I bet the guys at OR are happy that they sell a ton of them. I just don't care to look like one of the strange people who wear them.

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Wow, insecure much up on your perch? Thanks for not contributing even one useful word.

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You are welcome... The truth isn't always nice. I was guessing someone would get their feathers ruffled. I was just wondering who would be the first. I said it was a great hat. For someone who doesn't know any better and doesn't want to look like one of the 'clones '. I would take it into consideration before buying one.

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I don't even own this hat, nor am I going to disagree with what you said with your baggy clothes comment. I enjoy reading the reviews on this site because they are usually even marginally informative. What you posted was not a review, but rather a simple bashing of a product you don't like & your own stereotype for it. I appreciate people being brutally honest about things, but only if relevant to a review, which yours was not. I highly doubt people are going to care whatsoever if it hurts your ego if you wear this hat, which is about all I got out of your so-called "review."