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I can't rave enough

Just got home from a month long self contained bike tour in Montana and Canada, and couldn't wait to provide a rating on the King Solomon. This bag is fabulous! Because we carried it on a bike, we might be a bit more flexible about the size than a backpacker, but you can't complain about the weight, basically the weight of two single 15 degree bags, maybe a tad more. One of us carried the sleeping bag and the other the tent. It's not just great to cuddle, it's great because you can move and spread out more, curl your legs up, encroach your legs into the other side territory. We experienced down to 37 degree temp and it was fine, but colder than that and I'd recommend sleeping in long underwear. I'm not sure it would be pleasant at 15 degrees, but suspect it would be fine at 30 or so if you just had long sleeves on or something. My husband stuffed his jacket in the pillow pocket, making it easy to find in the morning. We used thermarest pads which fit perfectly, but other campers told me that Big Agnes pads provide more cushioning, I'm unfamiliar with them. This bag is so well made and clever, the zipper doesn't stick, the top of the bag has scallops to come up around your neck for warmth, you can easily start the night with it unzipped and zip up when it turns colder, it's just the most comfortable sleeping bag I could imagine! We carried it in an ortlieb waterproof bag on the back rack of touring bikes, although it would have fit into a back pannier if we didn't have so much stuff with us.